Upgrade Degree

Upgrade DegreeWhat does the term “upgrade degree” mean? Candidate students who come to us, normally acquire a university degree that is fully recognized throughout the European Union. But there are cases of young people wishing to upgrade the degrees or diplomas they already have. The aim of these students is to ultimately obtain a better degree. A typical case is certain technologiacal graduates who wish to upgrade so that they end up with fully recognized degrees in engineering. Another case is certain english college graduates who need an upgrade that will allow them to obtain a recognized university degree.

Upgrade degree – Necessary actions

Many graduates who have studied in Greece or another european country come to us to help them to upgrade their degree. Of course each case is special. The actions required are not always the same.

Trasfer to another UK University

Many students wish to transfer from one department to another or from one British University to another. Such a transfer may be considered a special case of upgrade since usual goal is a better degree.

Anglia Foundation can inform you of the procedures required to upgrade your degree or make a transfer. For more details, please contact us.

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