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Do you need any help to find a place at a British University? Is is difficult to decide which course or University is ideal for you? Do you want to submit an application for admission to a University or a Hall of Residence, but all the obscure forms and complicated procedures scare you? Do you need to translate your documents? Do you need one more letter of reference? Are you obliged to pass the exams for the IELTS or TOEFL diploma? Simply trust our experience and you will find all the answers. Otherwise, you might spend valuable time (from six months to one year) and money (for rent, fees, etc) to achieve your target.

Our company profile

Since 1989, Anglia Foundation operates as a center of foreign languages and IT. At the same time, it supports the entry of candidate students in the best British Universities. Aris Madellis is the owner of Anglia Foundation. Our experienced staff can effectively guide and support young people in many ways depending on their specific needs. Please contact Anglia Foundation directly.

If you want to improve your English or get the necessary certificate in English, then you’re in the right place. If you want to apply to UK Universities but the application process seems like Calvary, you will found our help more than valuable. Furthermore, we can help you to reduce the cost of studies in UK significantly. To increase your chances of being accepted by UK universities, you can simply take advantage of our expertise. Anglia Foundation’s services are fully supported by our web site.

Of course, our staff is always ready to serve you.

Anglia Foundation

Central Office
Address: Simou Houtzaiou 11, Mytilini 81 100, Lesvos, Greece
Tel: +30 22510 45544
Mobile: +30 6947242954

Mytilini Branch
Address: Papadiamandi 6, Mytilini 81 100, Lesvos, Greece
Tel: +30 22510 54167, +30 22510 43925

Athens Consultant
Tel:+30 2117909096
Mobile: +30 6946624878

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