Study Mechanical Engineering in the UK


-At the University of Surrey

Almost everything that we associate with daily life in this technological age involves the work of professional mechanical engineers. They are involved in the design, supply, operation and performance of complex technologies for applications including aircraft, satellites, engines, robots, automobiles, production lines, construction machinery and medical equipment.

Their work is creative, varied, challenging and responsible. It is also respected, well rewarded and offers enormous potential for outstanding career success. Mechanical engineers frequently occupy key positions in senior management and are sought after for their highly developed analytical, computing and managerial abilities.

The degrees of Surrey University offer you choices for broad-based or specialist study, geared to the realities of industry and commerce today. Designed to equip you with the knowledge and experience required of professional engineers, teaching is delivered through lectures, tutorials and seminars, supported by laboratory classes where you can test out the theory.

An advantage of our Mechanical Engineering and related programmes in Aerospace Engineering and Medical Engineering is a common first year. This introduces you to the broad basis of mechanical engineering and ensures that you can communicate with engineers of different specialisations. It also allows you to confirm or change your degree choice.

-At Lancaster University

Imagine being part of a team to design a high performance racing car or a functioning robot. For students on our Mechanical Engineering course this can become a reality. The second year of study includes a robot project and in the third or fourth year students can join our Formula Student racing car design team.

These projects are just a few examples of the way in which the course helps students gain solid experience in all aspects of mechanical system design. With this experience comes the chance to think creatively, building innovative problem solving skills and sharp analytical abilities. This combination of practical and analytical skill means students have the option of entering an exciting variety of careers after graduation.

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