UCAS Application

Are you planning to make a UCAS application to a British University? UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) is a British admission service to the higher British Educational Institutions. This organization processes and sends the candidates’ applications to the educational institutes of their choice. Through the UCAS procedure, candidates have the chance to know which Universities offer the curriculum they want, to make an application towards them, having in priority the institutions they prefer and follow the progress of their application. The aforementioned applications are made through an online system. A UCAS application is one of the most critical steps after you decide to study in the UK. Anglia Foundation as a registered UCAS School, has the capability to inform you for the procedure and progress of the applications and documents that will be required.

UCAS Application – Procedure

UCAS ApplicationThe procedure of the UCAS Applications begins every 1st of September of the Academic year and the first stage of the submission of the applications is up until 15th of January. From the 16th of January until the 30th of June of the same Academic year, Universities keep accepting Applications and offer places only if they still have places available. Then, the Applications submitted after the 30th of June get into another procedure, which is called Clearing. The Clearing procedure is implemented when a candidate has not secured a position into a University or a course of his choice. By Clearing he can apply for any left positions that may occur, so substantially this is the candidate’s last chance to get into an institution. Only the Universities that want and have positions take place in the Clearing process, which they do not guarantee any kind of accommodation. Lastly, each candidate can make one and only UCAS application, where he declares up to five (5) higher Educational Institutions or Curriculums of his preference.

Key words that are necessary to know in order to fully understand the procedure, are listed below in the order we meet them:

1. Application Number – Ucas ID Number: This is a 9 digit registration number, unique for each candidate, that is given to the candidates after they have sent their application.

2. Conditional Offer: This is the place offer at the University under specific conditions. The candidate in order to become accepted has to fulfill those conditions.

3. Unconditional Offer: It is the University offer without further demands or conditions.

4. Firm Offer: It is the place offer by the University that has been declared as a first choice.

5. Insurance Offer: This is about the place offer by the University that has been declared as a safe choice, in case the candidate does not enter his first choice.

6. Unsuccessful: This is the case where no place exists at a University.

7. Withdrawal: This is the withdrawal of the candidates’ application if a curriculum delays or is discontinued.

8. Confirmation: It is the confirmation of acceptance at the University.

9. Track: This is about the monitoring system for the progress of the application that is made online.

10. Extra: That is the candidate’s possibility to add one more choice of a University or a Curriculum, if there has not been an offer by the already declared ones, until the expiry of the deadlines.

11. Clearing: It has already been explained above.

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