Research Proposal

What is important for a research proposal for University? The preparation and the submission of a research proposal or a research project for postgraduate studies (eg Masters) or doctorate (PhD) in British Universities require great attention to detail, proper formulation, thorough knowledge of English and certainly originality. When a student submits a research proposal at a University in England or Scotland he or she actually competes with some other candidates. In order to stand out, a research proposal should be clearly better than others. The better your research proposal is, the more likely you are to become accepted as a postgraduate student at a UK University.
Research Proposal

Research Proposal in England – Tips and Tricks

When applying for a research proposal or even for a scholarship, it is expected to deliver a detailed and accurate description of the study or research, and provide information on any previous studies or research projects that are relevant. The purpose of each proposal is to ensure that the candidate has already done enough work and research in the field. Research proposals usually involve the CV of the candidate researcher. For example, a research proposal in the field of biology, can hardly be supported by a simple mathematican. Each candidate should think the issues raised in depth and be able to provide more than just a comprehensive description of the field he intends to research. Research proposals are not fixed plans. Nobody can predict the outcomes in advance or mechanically stick to an argument, since the research will inevitably change, or perhaps undo the initial expectations. There is no fixed formula for writing a research proposal. However, the researcher’s goal is to convince members of the scientific community that a scientific problem has been identified and that he or she has both the theoretical background and the methodical approach to research it within a realistic time frame. Finally, in your research, it is expected to add a new dimension in the field.

Research Proposal for UK Universities – Guidance

The compilation of a research proposal for Masters (e.g. M. Phil.) or doctorate (P.hD.) in the UK requires great attention to detail, proper wording and certainly originality. The better your research proposal, the more likely you are to become accepted as postgraduate student in the UK.

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