Why study in the UK?

Higher education in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) is the first choice for many candidates all over the world. The undergraduate studies last for nine months each year from late September to early June. British Institutions maintain a strong tradition for academic excellence and provide first class training for further professional practice in many academic fields. Education in Britain is certainly in English, the most important international language, which is a big advantage in today’s developing world for business and other purposes. Degrees from UK universities are recognized worldwide. Eventually, this important life experience in Britain could lead to a remarkable career in any country.

Life in Great Britain is a pleasant experience that has a lot to offer. The student life is filled with cultural and social activities, sports and entertainment. Life in Britain is relatively cheap compared to other European countries. This fact, coupled with the short duration of degree studies (only three years) makes education in Britain an excellent option. See the following video to get an idea why studying in Britain is a excellent choice.

Undergraduate students from the European Union need to pay tuition annual fees of 8,000 pounds sterling (£) or more. Most Universities in Wales have lower fees than English Universities. In Scotland studies are free (fees are not required). Generally, Scotland and Wales are more ecoomical than England. But if you become a client of Anglia Foundation, fees or other expenses should not be worry you because we have very efficient ways to finance studies in UK.

The cost of student life in Britain is estimated at 800-1,100 pounds (£) per month, depending always on the level of comfort one requests. London and a few cities in the south of England (e.g Brighton) are more expensive.

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