Find work in Ireland and UK

Anglia Foundation can help you find work in Ireland and UK. For this purpose, we can secure working visa and job placement for doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists and more professions in UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Canada.

What you can expect from us:

  • A chance to learn new skills and knowledge working on some of the world’s leading technologies and cutting-edge innovations.
  • An opportunity to create next-generation security products and technology.
  • An immersive induction experience will prepare you for entering your real-world role.
  • Access to established communities. You may enter both graduate and undergraduate communities. Moreover, you’ll have a dedicated graduate buddy and manager. Very recently we secured positions especially for doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists in the UK and in Ireland in a matter of 4 working days. You may find work in Ireland and UK without risks.Throughout your job placement, you’ll receive performance and development feedback. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to access a range of development courses through our online learning platforms.
  • A conditional offer to join us as on a graduate programme without the need to reapply. This is obviously subject to performance and availability. We will arrange the job placement, the accommodation, the working visa, any additional training required funded by the employer. We can also cover anything else related to working abroad and university studies abroad.

If you are interested to find work in Ireland and UK, please contact us.

Jobs in UK and Ireland