Study Business in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to Britain to do the following courses:


-At City University London, Cass Business School

Ranked first in London, and third in the UK, the BSc Business Studies degree equips you with the broad based knowledge, skills and training for a career in the global business world.

The Cass Business Studies degree takes a macro view of the business environment, employing an integrated analysis of business issues and providing the tools to implement appropiate responses.

At Cass, the Business Studies course is well known for being rich in provision of problem solving skills, something that will set you apart with employers. You will be equipped with those skills, both soft and technical, that employers most prize.  This is done within a framework that integrates academic rigour with practical skills enabling graduates to succeed in a wide range of enterprises.  Distinctive in its flexibility, the degree allows you to specialise in either finance or marketing in the second year.

Typically students who undertake the BSc Business Studies degree are willing to question and be pro active. They can adapt to the bigger picture and do not need a prescriptive brief.  Our new module, Functions of Organisations: Connections, Understanding and Strategy (FOCUS), delivered by a team of leading practitioners will equip you with an overview of key issues and dilemmas that arise in modern businesses and how to deal with them.

-At the University of St. Andrews, School of Management:

The University of St. Andrews School of Management offers challenging courses of intellectual rigour and vocational relevance designed to equip you for a rewarding career in commerce, finance, industry and public service.

Programmes at St. Andrews are designed to equip you with the intellectual rigour to challenge accepted norms and to question and debate existing protocols. Presentation skills, group working and self-reliance provide vocational relevance and preparation for life beyond graduation. The learning process is set in the context of a research-intensive environment with a population of students and staff from many nations.

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