Studying in England without fees

Studying in England, Scotland or Wales is much easier with the support of Anglia Foundation. Since 1989, hundreds of young people interested in studying in England have contacted us for guidance. Our school guarantees your safe and comfortable admission to any high-level University in England in London or any other city. We can secure a place in any top UK University for you. With our help, you can avoid the tuition fees and admission exams. In case you are looking for appropriate undergraduate programs, or postgraduate studies (Master or PhD) in England, Scotland or Wales, we have all the answers to your questions. Studying in England can also help you find a job and ensure your future. We offer a wide range of flexible study abroad services tailored for every need.

Studying in England - CostsStudying in England – Costs

The cost of living for an average student in the UK is not particularly large since the duration of undergraduate studies is only three years. This is certainly not the only reason that studying in England is an affordable option. Read more details about the cost of studies in England.

UCAS ApplicationsUCAS Applications – How to Apply

The most effective way to be admitted to a British University is UCAS direct entry. UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) is a unified service that provides the application process for almost all British Universities. The first application period is until January 15, at least nine months before the start of studies in Britain. The most popular places are available during this period (regular applications). The second period is up to three months before the beginning of studies (until June 30). Several good places are also available during this period (late applications). Finally, there’s a third period (clearing) which is the last chance for University admission. The third period runs from June 30 until September 15 and the last places that are left are then offered. Certainly, UCAS direct entry is not the only way for studying in England. Read more about admission to British universities.

Study in ScotlandStudying in Scotland

All the young people who decide to study in Scotland can combine most aspects of the traditional British education system with some additional advantages. Scotland is a wonderful country with a long history, strong traditions and very friendly people. Scotland can provide a great variety of courses to all canditates. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and other skotish cities have many univesities that provide an excellent level of education. In addition, it is practically free to study in Scotland. In Scotland, tuition fees for undergraduate studies are not charged. For postgraduate programs (e.g. Masters) there are tuition fees, but one may apply for a student loan. Without doubt, candidates who are interested in studying in England should also consider Scotland. Read more about studying in Scotland.

IELTS CoursesIELTS Courses

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular degree for studying in England. Every year, thousands of candidates choose IELTS in order to certify their English language knowledge. Anglia Foundation offers IELTS preparation with excellent results. IELTS is a requirement for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many Universities all over the world. For studying in England or working in English-speaking countries, IELTS is the best solution. For anyone wishing to study, work or live in the UK, Australia or in another foreign country, IELTS provides English language certification. The result (score) of the IELTS exam is between 1 to 9. UK Universities usually require an IELTS score between 6 and 7. Our school offers IELTS courses online for the best possible preparation of candidates. We personally inform each candidate after each lesson via email and send the relevant material, exercises, notes, etc. In addition, we provide the opportunity to participate in weekly real time tests. The candidate is in constant communication with the teacher for corrections and comments or possible questions. At the end of the program, every person participates in the exam simulation test. See more details about IELTS courses.

Study Medicine in UKStudy Medicine in UK

Without any doubt, medicine is among the leading sciences. Every physician offers a lot to the society. Doctors are dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and also do research. Medical studies in England and Scotland have an excellent level and a long tradition. Entry to medical school in England is through the GCE A Levels. The grades in the A Levels should be quite high. The University medical schools in Britain also require the UKCAT degree. Furthermore, every candidate should be interviewed. In England there are more than 30 remarkable medical schools, and the duration of study is five years. After completing the basic degree studies, graduates are required to be trained for two additional years in hospitals or clinics. It is a fact that UK is in need of medical staff in clinics and hospitals. Anglia Foundation has sent many students to study medicine in England and Scotland. We have also supported several candidates to study Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and Dentistry. See more information about medical studies in England.

Bachelor in UKBachelor in UK (first degree)

Studying in England for the first university degree (Bachelor) is only 3 years in London or any other city. The term Bachelor (or baccalaureate in Latin) is an award, established in the 14th century and is associated with the expression bacca Lauri referred to laurels awarded for academic success. Undergraduate studies in England last nine months each year, from late September to early June. The examinations for undergraduate programs take place in two semesters: February and May-June. Some of the most common Bachelors degrees offered are: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BSc (Bachelor of Science), BArch (Bachelor of Architecture), LLB (Bachelor of Law), BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) etc. All degrees of British Universities are fully recognized in Europe and around the world. Read more about Bachelor in England.

Postgraduate studiesPostgraduate courses in UK

If you are interested in studying in England, Scotland or Wales, there are many opportunities for postgraduate courses at both masters and doctoral level. British Universities offer thousands of different graduate courses. A Masters course normally completes in one year (full time). In special cases it might take up to four years (part-time). Those interested can select among several specialized programs on arts, science, economic sciences, etc. Some of the Masters degrees offered are: MA (Master of Arts), MSc (Master of Science), MBA (Master of Business Administration), MEng (Master of Engineering), MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and more. There are two basic types of Masters courses: The taught master courses and  the research master courses. The taught courses include a series of lectures, assignments, examinations and a research paper (dissertation project) which ends at the final stage of studies. The research courses concentrate on research to a specific topic without the need of attending lectures. A Doctorate (PhD) in England is usually the continuation of a Masters program and normally requires three years. Doctoral studies in England are completed with the PhD thesis consisting of in-depth research and analysis of an original and specialized issue. See more details for postgraduate studies in England.