Foundation Course in UK

The Foundation Course in UK is also known as Foundation Programme or Foundation Year or Access Course or Bridging Course. The Foundation Course is an introductory programme that can bridge the gap between the qualifications you have and those you need in order to be admitted to an undergraduate degree course in United Kingdom (England, Scotland, or Wales). Mature students (candidates over 21 years of age) who can’t take the GCE-A Levels or international students might need a Foundation Course. The duration of each Foundation Programme is one year. British Universities offer such courses to their candidate students. Tuition fees are charged for Foundation Programmes, but one can avoid them by obtaining a student loan. Anglia Foundation also offers such courses in Greece for most fields of study, in co-operation with leading UK Universities. Of course, you can always choose to follow a Foundation Programme in UK. This is a great way to secure a place at the University.

Foundation Course in UK – Winter Foundation Programme

The Winter Foundation Programme takes place from October to June. The lessons take place 4 or 5 days a week, usually morning hours from Monday to Friday. The lessons are: English, IELTS preparation, Study Skills, Computing, two direction courses and a free choice course. The method of scoring at the Foundation Programme: 40% of the score is participation and homework, 10% belongs to the Midterm examinations and 50% to the Final Examinations. The criteria for admission to the First year are as follows: a) The total score at the Foundation Programme has to be Pass (40%), until Excellent (80%) and b) Most Universities ask for the IELTS Proficiency. The score has to range from 5.5 to 7 out of 9.

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