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Study Finance is of great importance for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The fact is that life in Northern England, Scotland and Wales is generally cheaper than most european countries. For a typical student, the cost of living in Britain is estimated at £800- £1,100 pounds sterling (900-1,300 euros) per month, depending on the amenities that each one requests; this represents an estimate for the rent, food, transport and miscellaneous expenses. Remember that your monthly costs will depend on your personal life style and the location of the University. A student who lives in London or Brighton may need more money than a student who lives in Durham or Swansea.

Undergraduate students of the European Union need to pay an annual tuition fee of £8,000 – £9,000 pounds sterling or more. However, an EU undergraduate student has the option of applying for a student loan. In case an undergraduate student takes the student loan to cover the tuition fees, the loan needs to be paid back to the British State in monthly installments after graduation only if that particular student earns more than the annual income threshold of 24,000 pounds sterling.

Postgraduate students of the European Union need to pay an annual tuition fee of £4,500 pounds sterling or more. Study finance

Study Finance – Procedure

If you are a client of Anglia Foundation, student fees should not worry you at all. We can apply for a student loan on your behalf. Another way of financing your studies is the student grant.

Apart from the above, Anglia Foundation can help you to apply for scholarships, fellowships or special studentships in order to reduce the cost of your studies. Please contact us directly.

Our clients are the best advertisement

Since 1989, we have provided several hundred financial aids (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.) for our students. Some of our clients were so happy with the financial help we have achieved on their behalf that they have agreed to give their full details (phone, email, etc.) so you can contact them directly.

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