Parents of Students in UK

Here you will find information about some parents of young people who have used our services. These parents are so pleased with us that accepted to publish their data. Feel free to contact them directly. The list is updated frequently.

-Giannis Papadopoulos, from Kerkyra (Corfu), Civil Engineer.


“Mr. Aris Madellis, owner of Anglia Foundation, assisted in securing Architecture BA in London for my son Konstantinos. The advice he gave on how to prepare my son’s CD portfolio played a decisive role in securing the place. Anglia Foundation took care of the accommodation arrangements for a deluxe en-suite room at a very reasonable price.”

-Anamarija Petek.

“My child visited the UK for the first time when he was 12 years old. Then he fell in love with this country, and even then he was determined that he wants to continue his education in the UK after finishing high school. At the beginning of the third year of high school he began exploring what would be the opportunities to get any financial assistance, as he desire to be as independent as possible. He found your website and connected with you. What I liked is that the money he obtained is not a scholarship, with which he would be obligated to someone and that after his study he can look by himself for a job and opportunities. I felt satisfaction and relief, because you arranged things for us, you know how things work and gave us lots of advices. Searching of proper faculty was successful, and now he is a satisfied law student at one of the best Universities in the UK.”

-Thalia Papadopoulou, from Kerkyra (Corfu), Housewife.


“Anglia Foundation secured Architecture BA in London for my son Konstantinos. What impressed me most was the availability of Aris Madellis and his staff at any hour of the day at any day of the week. It was the communication between the parents and teachers which brought about the desired result despite the fact that places for Architecture were very scarce by July 2010. Although the odds were against us, Anglia Foundation did the job.”

-Babis Konstantakis, from Evoia Greece, Businessman.

Telephone: +30 2228024484, Email:

“I am father of Konstantinos who is studying at University College Birmingham, Year 1 BA Business Enterprise. Anglia Foundation offers year to year up-grading of qualifications, up-grading of courses and up-grading of Univesities. Each student is a long term project to achieve the desired objective. Anglia Foundation takes on the full package – place, entry, en-suite room, economic matters, student loan, student grant, scholarships, translations, career advice and so on. My son is doing his current course as a route to enter Business Finance BA at Birmingham University. He needed one year to improve his level of academic English and Ielts standards before entering a top University.”

-Andreas Kandiliotis, from Patra Greece, Public servant.

Telephone: +30 2610222677, Email:

“I am father of Vasiliki at the University of Manchester Metropolitan. She is attending Human Resources Management MSc. Ari made a well-oganised campaign for 12 months to orchestrate my daughter’s entry into a top Human Resources Management MSc programme at MMU. Ari was most helpful on economic issues such as applications on student loan, student grant and student scholarships. He secured entry into several Universities so we had the luxury of choice.”

-Claudia Lecombte, from Mytilini Greece, Hairstylist.

Telephones: +30 6978496785, Email:,

“My son Sebastian is studying at Brunel University, Psychology BA Year 1. Anglia Foundation gave psychological support to help my son find his way. I think the UK educational system differentiates from the Greek educational system. The course is more orientated on tasks and projects than on exams. His Year 1 at Brunel is a more pleasant experience than what he saw in Year 2 and Year 3 of Lyceum where he had to overcome stressful draining exams. Paying for private tuition in Year 2 and Year 3 Lyceum was much more of an economic burden than sending my child abroad to the UK for studies.”

-Nikos Dhosi, from Athens, Greece.

“I am an Albanian father who has brought up his children in Greece. My dream was for my son to attend a UK University to improve his future prospects. My son, Renaldo, was accepted into a Business Foundation course at Manchester Metropolitan University. As an Albanian national and not having a Greek passport, he had to pay the fees. His student visa procedure was complicated but Mr. Aris Madellis finally managed to arrange everything and his papers arrived in time for him to leave. I expect my son to have an EU Greek passport soon so the tuition fees will not be such a burden for me in the future.”

-Andigoni Froudaraki, from Crete, Businesswoman.

Telephones: +30 6945303755, +30 2897025010

“I am the mother of Evi Froudaraki and I own a café in Crete. I have devoted my life to educating my 3 daughters. Evi is the eldest of the 3. My husband and I plan on giving the 3 of our children a sound tertiary education in the UK. This year Evi is doing an International Foundation Year at the University of Worcester to improve her academic English and IELTS score. Anglia Foundation has already secured her entry into English Language and Literature for September 2011. Anglia Foundation secured the trendiest and most modern studio available for my daughter’s accommodation. The environment being so friendly, the University facilities being so state of the art, it is inevitable that my daughter will improve her level of performance. It is very important for a University student to feel satisfied with the environment he or she is studying in.”

-Athina Plakidi, from Athens, Greece, Physiotherapist.

Telephone: +30 6977713979, Email:

“Anglia Foundation secured Medical Physiology Year 1 at the University of East London for my son Alexandros. My goal and my son’s goal was to transfer to Physiotherapy Year 1 in 2011. Mr. Aris Madellis at Anglia Foundation achieved this enormous task. My son’s IELTS score is quite high (7.0). Anglia Foundation also assisted my daughter in attaining a place at UEL for a postgraduate Masters M.Sc. Applied Psychology. Anglia Foundation helped to acquire a modern 2 bedroom studio for my children in the private sector at Stratford near UEL University. Mr. Madellis not only was an educational consultant, he became a friend.”

-Maria Chatzihalfas, from Rhodos, Greece.

Telephones: +30 2241025973, +30 6932708394, Email:

“My husband is a civil engineer and as parents we always wanted our son Andreas to continue the family tradition. Just when it seemed it was too late to be accepted in August 2010, Mr. Aris Madellis arranged Andreas’ entry into Brighton University for BA Civil Engineering Year 1. He loves the lifestyle at Brighton and the fairs which take place often. It has a strong Engineering Department. It is a tourist area near the sea with many hotels. Many Greeks attend this University so we have our own little community here. I think the climate is a little warmer at Brighton than it is in the north of England.”

-Konstantinos Archontakis, from Irakleio, Crete, Mechanical engineer.


“My son Ioannis had a relatively low Apolytirion grades. Despite this, Mr. Aris Madellis helped  attain a place for him in Law LLB at Bedfordshire University. His IELTS result was very good (6.5). I think that this year of Law (Year 1) will assist him to acquire the necessary legal skills to lay the foundations for a career in Law. I may ask Mr. Madellis to help upgrade my son’s Law Degree.”

-Giannis Theodorou, from Nicosia, Cyprus


“My son Theodoros approached Anglia Foundation for guidance for his application procedure for Medicine in London Year 1. It was a huge family success. My son raised his levels of performance to standards I didn’t think he was capable of. He plans on remaining in the UK after he graduates. He would like to become an Endocrinologist and specialize in hormones. The teachers at Anglia Foundation enhanced his English language skills resulting in a band score of 8.0 for his IELTS exam”.

-Irini Kandilly, from Pafos, Cyprus


“My daughter Sofia, was thoroughly prepared by Anglia Foundation for her entry into Dentistry in London. The student loan and student bursary, which were secured by Anglia Foundation, were tremendous assets for me as a parent. Sofia later completed Implantology / Restorative / Prothetics Dentistry MSc programmes. She is now living and working in the UK as a dentist. The experience she gained in the University Dentistry clinics were invaluable for her future career. Our family owe Anglia Foundation a lot.”

-Aristides Mixailidou from Pafos, Cyprus


“Mr. Aris Madellis, owner of Anglia Foundation, helped my daughter Konstantina to select the right course for her future. She has chosen to study Law and Criminology in London because she wants to remain in England to get some work experience. One day she will return to Cyprus full of qualifications and working experience essential for her future job.”

-Michael Koukouvagias, from Mytilini, Greece, Businessman

Telephone: +30 2251042944

The teachers at Anglia Foundation were most cooperative in raising my son’s IELTS English score and language skills. I recommend their expertise. My son Eugenios was accepted at the University of Glasgow for Physics Year 1. He will be able to do his Postgraduate Masters programme as continuation to his undergraduate course without any additional tuition fees. This is significant for a parent. In addition, the University of Glasgow is regarded one of the best 20 universities in the UK.”

-Nectaria Stathatou

Telephone: +30 6947604857, Email:,

“I am a businesswoman living in Athens, Greece. My daughter Elpida was accepted into the Acting Foundation Year at London School of Film, Performance and Media in London. Mr. Aris Madellis advised her that she should first complete her Acting Foundation Year at London School of Film, Performance and Media in London and then progress to Year 1 of BA Acting at Rada or Lamda Acting Institutes in London. I think London is the centre of the world when it comes to theatre and the arts.”

-Babis Andonellis, Businessman

Telephone: +30 6936878363

“Anglia Foundation advised my son not to follow the Foundation Course in Sports Science but to be directly admitted as a first year student. This was a very good decision because my son saved one year of study. He was admitted at the University of Southampton where he studied successfully. For family reasons, my son has now been transferred to the University of Brighton. He plans on remaining in England after his undergraduate course and do a Masters. He will eventually enter the British workforce as a Sports Science teacher.”

-Giannis Nitadoros from Crete, Greece

Telephone: +30 6945585557

“I belong to a family that for three generations has built a strong reputation of Civil Engineers in Heraklion, Crete. Anglia Foundation secured my youngest son’s entry into the University of Brighton for a BA course in Mechanical Engineering. Previously, Anglia Foundation assisted my eldest son to be admitted into the BA Civil Engineering course at the University of Surrey. Mr. Aris Madellis also successfully prepared my eldest son for the IELTS Certificate exams. Currently he is preparing him for postgraduate studies in England (Masters). Our family owes much to Mr. Madellis and Anglia Foundation.”

-Maria Papapopoulou from Lesvos, Greece

Telephone: +30 6947084401

“I am a mother and I own a shop in Mytilene, Lesvos. Mr. Aris Madellis helped my daughter to secure a place in the Department of English Literature of Cenral Lancashire University at Preston. He also helped her to find a room with private bathroom and kitchen in a Hall of Residence. Additionally, he worked hard to assemble and send all the necessary documents for the student loan and grant. Finally he translated all the necessary papers from greek to english.”

-Nikolaos Hondronikolas, Architect

Telephones: +30 6976510438, +30 2253023402

“Anglia Foundation assisted my daughter’s entry into London Metropolitan University for a BA in Architecture. My daughter will be able to continue my profession.”

-Nikos Miliorellis, Businessman

Telephones: + 30 6946004444

“Mr. Aris Madellis helped my daughter study English Literature at the University of Central Lancashire at Preston. I was very glad when my daughter got the 1,600 pound bursary grant by the SLC for her studies. The quality of the lectures at the University of Central Lancashire is excellent. Preston is a nice, clean and friendly town near Manchester with all the facilities a young student could wish for. It is an excellent institution to prepare a candidate for today’s competitive job market.”

-Sophia Vasileli from Nicosia, Cyprus


“Being a divorced woman in her fifties, I needed psychological help and guidance for my son who was preparing for a Marketing and Public Relations undergraduate course in the UK. I will always be grateful to Anglia Foundation staff for their valuable support and their assistance in economic matters. After all, it only costs me about 700 euros a month to educate my son at a top UK University.”

-Eirini Xristofari

Telephones: +30 6992372367, +30 2253023402

“Anglia Foundation and Mr. Aris Madellis helped my daughter to be admitted to the Biomedical Sciences course of Glasgow University on August 2007. The support and guidance for many issues continues until today. The experience of Mr. A. Madellis in the field is great.”

-Stelios Haidos, from Aigina, Greece.

Telephone: +30 6977552108

“Mr. Aris Madellis at Anglia Foundation helped to secure a place for my son Fotis – Mobile Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University. My son later did a Masters degree which will enhance his future job prospects. Anglia Foundation were most helpful in matters such as the student loan, the student grant, securing a en-suite room and securing a postgraduate scholarship, Anglia Foundation is now giving us advice on research proposal for a PhD.”

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