Study abroad

For any young person, it is not easy to decide to study abroad. Let us take Greece as an example. The situation in the Greek educational system and the Greek Universities are known. The national University exams are nothing but an unfair and outdated system that only creates stress and problems. Greek Universities typically have […]

Why study in the UK?

Higher education in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) is the first choice for many candidates all over the world. The undergraduate studies last for nine months each year from late September to early June. British Institutions maintain a strong tradition for academic excellence and provide first class training for further professional practice in many […]

Postgraduate courses in UK

Postgraduate studies in England, Scotland or Wales is an excellent choice. For example, you can enhance your CV by selecting an annual Masters course . You may also start your Doctorate (Ph.D) in a UK university. Great Britain is a country with a long tradition of research and there are sure you will find the […]

WikiPedia offers a detailed student guide that can make the selection of a British University easier. University rankings and tables are included. Traditional Institutions like the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge appear on top of most of the rankings.

You may also watch the following video that presents the top 10 Universities in the UK.

Additionally, you may be informed about the most popular courses that have been chosen by our clients.

Guardian offers another online student guide that might be helpful.

Finally, offers the complete university guide that contains rankings and tables.