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For any young person, it is not easy to decide to study abroad. Let us take Greece as an example. The situation in the Greek educational system and the Greek Universities are known. The national University exams are nothing but an unfair and outdated system that only creates stress and problems. Greek Universities typically have a very low level and their degrees lead to unemployment. Strikes and interventions by third parties are very common. Moreover, the cost of studying in Greece is relatively high. Parents are obliged to pay for private lessons, rent, books and much more for many years. English is an international language. Without any doubt, it is a very good option to study abroad in english. In many cases, to study abroad can be better and even cheaper than to study at home. Among other things, the student may have the chance to find a job abroad.

Nowadays, thousands of young people are living and studying abroad, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level. All of them are aiming for a better future. University education has always been an important reason to leave home. Of course each case is different; most of the times it is worth to make this big step.

Firstly, we strongly recommend you to see the rankings of the best universities in the world for 2014-2015 according to the daily Times. You can have a great overview.

Study abroad with Anglia Foundation

Study abroadAnglia Foundation offers full guidance and support to candidate students so that they can easily enter undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the best english speaking Universities worldwide. We particularly specialize in studies in England, Scotland and Wales. But we have also sent several students in the Netherlands, Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden, Malta and other countries. We have also helped many young people to comfortably complete their studies abroad, ensuring accommodation, financial assistance and many additional facilities. In case you are interested to study abroad without fees and national exams, please check out our study abroad services or contact us directly. For your convenience, in addition to our website, we use a number of new technologies (eg Skype, Viber).

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