Study Sports Science in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to Britain to do the following courses:

-At the University of Edinburgh

These degree programmes look at the scientific, business, political, social and environmental aspects of sport and recreation.

Applied Sport Science is the study of human responses to sport. The degree programme includes courses on physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, the biochemistry of exercise and skills acquisition. You will develop an understanding of the value and purpose of sport in society and the factors that affect participation and performance in sport and exercise.

Sport & Recreation Management focuses on the management of sport and recreation facilities including the financial, technical and staffing elements. The programme prepares you for a career in the growing sport and recreation industry and the University’s strong links with a number of major sports organisations will provide you with excellent placement opportunities.

-At the University of Leeds

Studying Sport and Exercise Sciences is an exciting way to develop your understanding of the biological sciences and the interaction of the individual with the environment.

The University’s strong research base gives students access to a wide range of cutting-edge expertise and modern scientific research facilities. Leeds University is a nationally recognised leader in bioscience teaching and at the forefront of e-learning. New technology has shaped the way we support teaching at Leeds and all students have access to the virtual learning environment.  Hands-on, practical work is an essential element of the sport and exercise science courses and so you will have plenty of opportunity to develop your skills. In all programmes, students have the opportunity to benefit from a year spent working in industry or studying abroad.

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