Study Mechanical Engineering in the UK

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING -At the University of Surrey Almost everything that we associate with daily life in this technological age involves the work of professional mechanical engineers. They are involved in the design, supply, operation and performance of complex technologies for applications including aircraft, satellites, engines, robots, automobiles, production lines, construction machinery and medical equipment. Their […]

Study Civil Engineering in the UK

We have also sent many students to do the following engineering courses: CIVIL ENGINEERING -At Loughborough University The Department offers four Civil Engineering programmes: an MEng consisting of 4-years full-time study, a BEng of 3 years full-time study, and two equivalent sandwich programmes, each of which includes a period spent in industry after two years […]

Study Architecture in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to England to do the following architecture courses: -At the University of Bath The discipline of architecture operates at the intersection between human beings and their environments. The architect therefore plays a vital role in shaping and sustaining our everyday experiences, our comfort and well-being, our delight in the grand […]