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In the following, you will find useful information about some of our students who have used one or more of Anglia Foundation services. These students accepted to get their data published, because they are so pleased with us. You may contact then directly for more details. The folowing list is frequently updated. Our last update was performed on 31st of May 2013.

-Christos Andreou, from Mytilini, Greece

Telephone: +30 6946468406, Email:

“I was accepted at Brunel for MEM Masters of Engineering Management. I have plans on doing a PhD in EngD- Automation of CAM – push-button machining – School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, in the UK.”

-Sanda Rok, English Literature with Creative Writing (Q3W8) at the University of East Anglia (E14)

“When the decision was made to go and study in the UK, I knew exactly which University I wanted to go to and what to study. Only one thing did not let me sleep for months – “How will I pay for this expensive tuition?”  Just as I was about to give up on the whole idea, I learned about Anglia Foundation ( which a friend of mine recommended to me. A year prior to my entry my friend was admitted into one of the best London Universities with their help. At first, I did not know whether to believe their almost over-optimistic promises. It all seemed almost too good to be true. However, I trusted them, mainly because of the recommendations I was given which said only good things about the whole process, and I never doubted them again. The whole process was done with precision and professionally. I am really happy that back then I had confided in them. My relationship was always based on these standards especially when I had to face a particular obstacle, a fault made by the bureaucratic process. The fault made was going to shatter my hopes and dreams of ever studying abroad, but the team at Anglia Foundation went to considerable efforts not to let such things happen, even well above of the obligations of the contract. Thus I was provided not only of the studies in England I wished for, but acceptance from the exact University that I had chosen in the first place, even though it seemed that I would need to settle for lesser offer. I was positively surprised with their commitment and dedication. I can recommend them with all my heart as an organisation worthy of trust. I would especially like to stress the dedication and conscientiousness of Mr. Madellis, who took care of my application. Even to this day, as I am completing my first year, they still check up on me to see that everything is going fine and we continue to have a good and friendly relationship. Anyone who would like to learn more about my experience with Anglia Foundation is invited to contact me via Brigita (contact her on and she will forward you my contact details).”

-Ioulieta Chatzaki, from Crete, BA in Architecture at Central Lancashire University.

Telephones: +30 2810344668, +30 6956352354, Email:

“I am very happy to have cooperated with such a responsible person as Mr. Aris Madellis and have been accepted into one of the best Universities in the United Kingdom. Mr. Madellis worked hard to provide me university accommodation and during the whole process he helped me deal with any difficulties I had to face.”

-Afrodite Papachristou, from Kos, Greece, Masters in Pharmacy at Keele University.

Telephone: +30 6951366914, Email:

“Even though I gained high scores in the Pan-Hellenic Exams, I followed Mr. Madellis’s advice and opted for the British Educational University system.  It happened to be the best choice I ever made!  The University has state of the art equipped facilities and a nice serene environment, while the campus is surrounded by beautiful parks and natural scenery! The professors are really interested in each student’s progress and generally I cannot imagine studying Pharmacy at a better place!”

-Matic Zupanc, from Slovenia, BA (Hons) in Events Management at East London University.

“Anglia Foundation was great. They enabled my studies in London, which I could not afford to pay without their help. I’m glad for their assistance and I thank them for their professional approach.”

-Natasa Banjanac from Slovenia, Civil Engineering, South of England.


“When I decided to study in England, I did not know much about the application process.Since I did not want to have complications, I decided to contact Anglia foundation in Greece so that they would do all that was necessary on my bahalf. And really, all I needed was a few documents, they arranged all the rest –  enrolment, help with my student loan and my ensuite room in the hall of residence. Definitely well invested money because I had almost no worries, everything was done within the set time limits, and now I am already studying at one of the best English Universities”

-Dimitrios Tsakyrakis, from Mytilini, Greece, B.Sc. Physics course at Swansea University in Wales.

Telephones: +30 6979786723, +30 2251021722, Email:

“I feel satisfied having procured my place. My goal is to do a postgraduate Masters in Meteorology.Thank you Anglia Foundation.”

-Maria Skarmoutsou from Egeio, Masters of Pharmacy at Brighton University.

“I would like to thank Anglia Foundation for all their assistance.”

-Uros Koren, from Slovenia.

“My dream was to study Film Directing in London. This vision finally came true. Now I want to be the next Stanley Kubrick of the world. <<A Clockwork Orange>>, <<Eyes Wide Shut>> and <<The Shining>> have made an indelible impression in my memory. I want to continue the director’s work and get his messages out into the public.”

-Fotis Haidos, from Aigina, Greece.

Telephone: +30 6942221718

“Mr. Aris Madellis at Anglia Foundation helped me secure my studies on Mobile Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Then, he assisted me to attend a Masters degree at MMU, which will enhance my future job prospects.”

-Androniki Paterelli, from Patra, Greece, M.Sc. in Human Resources Management at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

“Mr. Madellis assisted my entry into a top Human Resources Management M.Sc. programme. I intend to stay in the UK after I complete my course and find a position where I will be able to utilise the skills and knowledge I have gained.”

-Costoula Xymianaki from Athens, BA Marketing, Birmingham City University.

“I have always wanted to attend advertising studies in England. Mr Aris Madellis helped me fulfil my dream and enrol in the University of Birmingham City.”

-Ioannis Maniatis, from Mytilini, History and Archeology, Lampeter University in Wales.

Telephone: +30 6937293593, Email:

“In September 2009 Anglia Foundation helped me enrol at the History and Archaeology Course of the Lampeter University in Wales. I was particularly impressed by the preparation lessons for the IELTS taught by the English teachers at Anglian Foundation. The degree in the field of history and archaeology is indeed what I wanted. Mr. Madellis supported my efforts to attain an M.Sc. Archeology place at Birbeck University in London.”

-Maria Xenophonou, from Zakinthos, Greece, BA in Architecture and Interior Design in London.


“After improving my English at an IELTS Proficiency level at Anglia Foundation, I decided to continue my studies in London, studying Architecture and Interior Design. I love the cosmopolitan way of life in London. I often indulge myself in a little shopping therapy.”

-Polyxeni Antonaki, BSc in Pharmacy, Aston University.

“Mr. Aris Madellis at Anglia Foundation guided me in order to prepare myself for the IELTS English Language Certificate Exam. Without any doubt, he is the best English teacher I have ever had. He supported me during hard times as I did not manage to enter a Pharmaceutical School in Greece. In 2002 Anglia Foundation helped me enrol in the Pharmaceutical School at the University of Aston. It was a five year course, including a Master’s degree. Today I am a successful pharmacist. I have my own Pharmacy store in Thermi, Lesvos and I acknowledge that I owe a lot to the Anglia Foundation staff.”

-Panayiotis Mouflouzellis, from Kalloni, Lesvos, Greece, B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences, Glasgow University.

“Mr. Madellis helped me choose my studies in the field of Biomedicine Sciences at the University of Glasgow. My dream is to complete my studies as a vet surgeon. Mr. Madellis later assisted my entry into Vet Science at Brno University in the Chech Republic.”

-Eryfili Chalkiadi from Lesvos Greece, B.Sc. in Psychology at Plymouth University.

Telephones:+30 6977272835, +44 7876057001, Email:

“Anglia Foundation advised I first do a HND Psychology course at Truro Penwith College and then go on to complete my B.Sc. at Plymouth. They continually assist me every year with their student loan service and other valuable guidance.”

Georgios Gavrilakis from Crete, Greece, B.Sc. in Computer Science, Anglia Ruskin University.

Telephones: +30 2821092646,  +30 6981194642, Email:

“My situation was very complicated and Anglia Foundation helped to sort it out. Thanks.”

-Nikos Kassos, Mytilini, Greece, B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Bradford University.

Telephone: +30 6955854861, Email:

“I was confused after the High School Pan-Hellenic Exams and Mr. Madellis advised me on career prospects. I finally found my way and what I was looking for.”

-Εdem Marvik Makantasis, Athens, Greece, M.Sc. RIBA II in Architecture, UK.

Telephone: +30 6976932056, Email:

“It has been a real challenge to do my M.Sc. RIBA II Architecture in the UK. Mr. Aris Madellis has been most helpful.”

-Giannis Moutzouris Sideris, Mytilini, Greece, M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, Imperial College, London.

Telephones: +30 2251042990, +30 6932473221, Email:,

“Anglia Foundation gave me plenty of options in many different countries, but in the end I think I made the right choice.”

-Eleftherios Nitadoros, Crete, Greece, M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, East London University.

Telephones: +30 2810313848, +30 6948808282, Email:

“I started at Surrey University for my B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. Mr. Madellis also assisted my brother Antonis’ entry into Brighton University – Mechanical Engineering B.Eng. We have three generations of Civil Engineers in our family. Thanks Mr. Madellis.”

-Christos Papachristos-Mizikas, Petra, Lesvos, Greece, B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science, London Metropolitan University.

Telephones: +30 6996460972, +30 2253041765, Email:

“The best decision I ever made was to travel to London and study Pharmaceutical Science. The student loan made it all possible.”

-Despoina Papachristos, Petra Lesvos, Greece, B.Sc. in Economics, London Metropolitan University.

Telephones: +30 6996460972, +30 2253041765, Email:

“I decided to follow in my brother’s footsteps and study in London. My family and I owe a lot to Anglia Foundation for their assistance and guidance. My dream is to obtain an M.Sc. in Finance and Investments at City University, London – one of the greatest Economics centres in the world. Mr. A. Madellis has made all this possible.”

-Nikos Stamatakis, Crete, Greece, B.A. in English Literature, Trinity St. David University, Wales

“I was fortunate to consult Aristides Madellis at the last minute and I secured my place in the UK.”

-Efi Tsalla, Trikala, Greece, B.A. in English Literature, Trinity St. David University, Wales

“I am enjoying my time at Trinity St. David University in Wales. I always wanted to become an English teacher, teaching English as a foreign language.”

-Maria Tsagataki, Crete, Greece, B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering, London

Telephones: +30 2810 259458, +30 6955674357, Email:

“Despite having to improve my IELTS score, I was able to secure my place for a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering. Thanks Anglia Foundation.”

-Efkosmia Tsagkari, Keramia Lesvos, Greece, B.Sc. in Human Nutrition, Manchester Metropolitan University

Telephone: +30 2251096027, Email:

“It has been a long ride to finally secure my undergraduate studies. Mr. Madellis has been there for me all along the journey.” E-mail:, Tel.: +30 2251096027

-George Tsikas, Rhodes, Greece

Telephone: +30 2244022847, Email:

“Anglia Foundation assisted my entry into Salford University, B.Eng. in Civil Engineering. Not only was Mr. Madellis a good career consultant but also became a friend to my father and I.”

-Alexandros Varvantakis, Crete, Greece, B.A. in Architecture, Greenwich University

Telephones: +30 28210 46804, +30 6947775211, Email:

“It has been a challenging experience at Greenwich University.”

-Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Corfu, Greece, B.A. in Architecture, London


”Places for an Architecture BA were very scarce in July 2010. Despite this, Mr. A. Madellis succeeded in attaining a place for me in London, England. I am very happy there and I intend to continue after I take my First degree. I will have to do a 2-year RIBA Architecture (Masters) postgraduate course so that I can have my First Degree recognised in Greece, at the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (D.O.A.T.A.P.).”

-Konstantinos Konstantakis, from Evoia Greece, University College Birmingham, Year 1, Business Enterprise BA.

Telephone: +30 2228024484, Email:

“I am doing this course as a means to enter the Business Finance BA at Birmingham University. I needed one year to improve my academic English and IELTS level before entering a top University. It has been a truly rewarding experience to have studied in the UK, meeting so many interesting people at the University.”

-Sebastian Lecombte, Mytilini, Greece, Brunel University, B.A. in Psychology, Year 1.

Telephone: +30 6978496785, Email:,

“Anglia Foundation helped me fulfil my dream in attending an undergraduate Psychology BA course. I never really thought I was going to make it but it all came true. Brunel University has excellent accommodation facilities and there is a mini Mytilini community amongst the University staff and students. I enjoy those Friday and Saturday nights out in London. So far I have also managed to keep my costs down despite studying in London.”

-Andreas Chatzihalfas, Rhodos, Greece, B.A. in Civil Engineering, Brighton University, Year 1

Telephones: +30 2241025973, +30 6932708394, Email:

“Just when it seemed it was too late to be accepted in August 2010, Mr. Aris Madellis arranged my entry into Brighton University for a B.A. in Civil Engineering. I love the lifestyle at Brighton and the fairs which often take place there. It has a strong Engineering Department. Brighton is a tourist area near the sea, with many hotels. Many Greeks are attending this University, so we have our own little community here. I think the climate is a little warmer at Brighton than it is in the north of England.”

-Renaldo Dhosi, Athens, Greece, Business Foundation course, Manchester Metropolitan University

“I am Albanian and I was brought up in Greece. My dream was to attend a UK University to improve my future prospects. I was accepted into a Business Foundation course at Manchester Metropolitan University. As an Albanian national and not having a Greek passport, I had to pay fees. Fortunatelly, Mr. Madellis secured my student loan and eventually I didn’t pay any fees. My student visa procedure was also complicated but Mr. Madellis managed to arrange everything and my papers arrived in time for me to leave.”

-Ioannis Archontakis, Crete, Greece


“I had a relatively low grade in my High School Graduation Certificate. Despite this, Mr. Madellis helped me attain a place for a Law LLB at Bedfordshire University. My IELTS result was 6.5. I think that this year of Law will assist me in acquiring the necessary legal skills so as to lay the foundations for a career in Law. I may ask Mr. Madellis to help me upgrade my Law Degree. He has his ways. In September 2011, I think I will be attending a Law LLB at Sussex University, which has an excellent Department of Law, recognised by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (DOATAP, former DIKATSA).”

-Evi Froudaraki, Crete Greece, International Foundation Year, University of Worcester

Telephones: +30 2897025010, +30 6982048467, +30 6983640649, +30 6974365887, Email:

“My parents own a café in Crete and have devoted their lives to educating their 3 daughters. I am the eldest of the 3. My parents plan on giving the 3 of us a sound tertiary education in the UK. This year I am doing an International Foundation Year at the University of Worcester to improve my academic English and my IELTS score. Mr. Aristides has already secured my entry into English Language and Literature for September 2011. Anglia Foundation secured the trendiest and most modern studio available for my accommodation. The environment being so friendly, the University facilities so state of the art, it is inevitable that I will improve my performance level. It is very important for a University student to feel satisfied with the environment he or she is studying in.”

-George Politis, Athens, Greece, BA course in Travel Management, Bucks University, near London


“I was not ready psychologically for my military service, so I decided to go to the UK and attend a Travel Management BA course at Bucks University near London. The University is modern, the location is ideal (only 40 minutes from London), and the professors are very friendly. Anglia Foundation assisted in me attaining my student finance loan, so that I would not have to burden my parents with the University fees for the time being.”

-Alexandros Plakidis, Athens, Greece, Year 1 Physiotherapy, Teeside University


“At first, Anglia Foundation secured for me a Year 1 Medical Physiology at the University of East London. Then, the following year my dream came true. Mr. Aristides secured my entry into Year 1 Physiotherapy at Teeside University. My goal was to get a transfer to Physiotherapy Year 1 in 2011. My IELTS is quite high, at the rank of 7.0. Mr. Aristides also assisted my sister in attaining a place at UEL for a Masters (MSc) in Applied Psychology. He also assisted in finding a modern 2-bedroom studio for us in the private sector at Stratford, near UEL University. The central London location, the shopping amenities, the studying experience and entertainment are all making this a most exciting time for us both.”

-Anastasia Chondronikola, Mytilini, Greece, BA in Architecture, London Metropolitan University

Telephones: +30 6976510438, +30 22530 23402

“I attended the foundation course for the Bachelor studies in Architecture in the Metropolitan University of London. Anglia Foundation has helped me follow in my father’s steps, since he is a successful Civil Engineer in Kalloni of Lesvos island. I am thinking of staying in England for my Master’s degree upon completion of my undergraduate studies. It would be interesting to stay in England in order to gain professional experience as an architect.”

-Andreas Doukaris, Mytilini, Greece, B.A. In International Relations and Politics, Bradford University

Telephone: +30 22510 45859

“I chose the University of Bradford in order to study International Affairs. Mr. Aris Madellis and Anglia Foundation guided and helped me select the appropriate course and University according to my needs. Today I am proud of my choice.”

-Eugenios Koukouvayias, Mytilini, Greece, Physics, Glasgow University

Telephone: +30 2251042944

“Mr. Aris Madellis first got me started studying Physics at Glasgow University. The accommodation expenses and cost of living were quite low in Scotland. People are friendly and the Professors offer quality teaching. I am now a student at Reading University, doing postgraduate studies. Thank you Anglia Foundation.”

-Myrsini Psarropoulou, Mytilini, Greece, B.Sc. in Sports Therapy, Bedfordshire University

“Mr. Madellis, owner of the Anglia Foundation, advised me to first complete my undergraduate studies (B.Sc.) in Sports Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire and then go on to attend my desired Masters (MSc) Psychotherapy course.”

-Sappho Miliorelli, B.A. in English Literature, University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Telephone: + 30 6946004444

“Anglia Foundation guided me to successfully apply for the English Literature Department of Central Lancashire University at Preston. My degree is fully recognised by the Greek Public Sector and this is the first step for a career as a teacher in the Greek Ministry of Education. The cost of living here in Preston is relatively low in comparison to London, while the University has high standards.”

-Konstantina Mixailidou, Pafos, Cyprus


“Mr. Madellis helped me select the right course for me. I have chosen to study Law and Criminology in London because I want to stay in England in order to get some work experience. One day I would like to return to my country full of qualifications that will be necessary for my job.”

-Vasilis Vasilelis, Nicosia, Cyprus


“Anglia Foundation advised me to invest in studies in Marketing and Public Relations. The staff there helped me secure a student loan and a student grant. I was anxious about securing a good room with a private bathroom and toilet on the University campus. Anglia Foundation was most helpful in securing this for me as well.”

-Stella Papadopoulou

Telephone: +30 6947084401

“Anglia Foundation successfully guided me to complete the application for admission in the Department of English Literature, at Preston. The degree is recognised by the Greek government and this is the first important step for my appointment as a professor. The cost of living in Preston is relatively low compared with that of London and the level of education is very high.”

-Theodoros Theodorou, Nicosia, Cyprus


“Anglia Foundation guided my application procedure for Medicine in London Year 1 with success. I plan to stay in the UK after I graduate. I would like to become an Endocrinologist and specialise in hormones and in the Pituitary gland. The teaachers at Anglia Foundation enhanced my language skills resulting in a band score of 8.0 in my IELTS exam.”

-Sofia Kandilly, Pafos, Cyprus


“Anglia Foundation prepared me for my entry into Dentistry in London, UK. The student loan and student grant were tremendous assets for me, both of which were secured by Anglia Foundation. I also completed Implantology / Restorative / Prosthetics Dentistry M.Sc. programmes. I am now living and working in the UK as a dentist. The experience I gained in the University Dentistry clinics was invaluable for my future career. I owe Anglia Foundation a lot.”

-Elpida Stathatou, Athens, Greece, Acting Foundation Year, London School of Film, Performance and Media, London

Telephones: +30 6947604857, +30 6937162938, Email:,

“Mr. Aris Madellis advised me to first complete my Acting Foundation Year at the London School of Film, Performance and Media and then progress to Year 1 of the BA in Acting at Rada or Lamda Acting Institutes in London. I think London is the centre of the world when it comes to theatre and the arts.”

-Prokopios Antonellis, Mytilini, Greece, BSc in Sports Science, Brighton University

Telephone: +30 6936878363, Email:

“Anglia Foundation advised me not to do the Foundation course in the UK for Sports Science and the staff secured my entry directly into Year 1 of Sports Science. This saved me 1 year of studies and lots of money.”

-Bogdan Aroutiounian, Bucharest, Romania


“Initially I was offered a place in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science Year 1 in 2010. I passed my Year 1 with flying colours and this resulted in my attending Pharmacy in Year 2 in 2011. Anglia Foundation – a job well done.”

-Vasiliki Kandilioti, from Patra, Greece, Metropolitan University of Manchester,  M.Sc. in Human Resources Management.

Telephone:+30 2610222677, Email:

“Mr. Madellis assisted my entry into a top Human Resources Management M.Sc. programme. I intend to remain in the UK after I complete my course and find a position where I will be able to utilize the skills and knowledge I have gained.”

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