Study Fine Arts in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to England to do the following dance, drama, acting, theatre and music courses:

-At the University of Bedfordshire, Dance and Professional Practice.

The course is studio-based and practice-led, emphasising the growth as an articulate dance artist through engagement with current ideas, practice and debates in dance. Teaching and learning focuses on the key areas of; dance technique, choreography, performance, improvisation, applied choreography, dance infrastructure and enterprise, critical and cultural analysis, and dance and media.
The course directs students towards a range of careers within dance and the cultural industries. Recent dance graduates have progressed onto careers in performance, choreography, teaching and community arts practice, management and administration. Others have entered postgraduate courses such as PGCE, MA and PhD programmes.

-At the University of Brighton, Performance and Visual Arts.

The dance pathway combines movement and visual studies focusing on the body as a site and language of investigation and expression. It considers the creative possibilities of combining these elements through experimentation to produce interdisciplinary forms, which include video dance, installation practices, live performance, live art, photographic and movement practices, still and moving image, drawing, documentation practices and site-specific practices. Graduates enter the arts, media, cultural and communication industries as independent performance and visual art practitioners, curators, film and television producers, directors, researchers, radio and television presenters, community arts practitioners, arts administrators, academics and teachers.

-At the University of Central Lancashire, Dance, Performance and Teaching.

This is a three year intensive programme of study which aims to prepare students to work with confidence within creative, educational and community settings through Dance.  Combining four intertwining strands of learning, (contextual studies, technique & choreography, teaching and somatic movement education) the course ensures that students have a strong well rounded education in Dance as well as specific skills within teaching.  As such this degree programme offers clear routes to employability within Dance related professions or serves as a solid basis for post-graduate study.

-At Coventry University, Dance, Theatre and Professional Practice.

This course offers an exciting opportunity for students keen to develop skills and knowledge in both theatre and dance, and to explore the possibilities of cross-art form performance practice. Practical and seminar classes provide students with particularly good opportunities for collaboration within their own disciplines and when considering their longer-term career aims. Coventry University has a reputation for innovation and excellence in preparing students for the performing arts professions.

-At the University of Cumbria, Dance Performance and Musical Theatre Performance.

The Dance pathway explores contemporary and popular dance techniques and incorporates an investigation of the developing world of physical theatre. The Music Theatre pathway explores contemporary musical theatre practice with a specialisation in singing. Graduates may seek roles in the cultural industries as performers. In addition, the transferable skills gained during the course are highly respected in many careers involving communication skills, such as media, public relations and teaching.

-At Kingston University, Dance, Drama and Musical Technology.

More specifically:

Dance course: This degree has a broad focus and capitalises on London’s vibrant multicultural dance scene. It is designed to assist students who may not have a classical or contemporary dance background, and covers ‘urban’, ethnic and popular dance styles as well as more-conventional dance. Combinations with drama, music or film studies enable students to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary work.

Drama course: This course enables students to explore the practice, history and theory of drama in a range of contexts and settings. Students will have the chance to work with leading professionals and be actively involved with productions. This course combines theory with practical work. They will look at different approaches to the study of performance; explore the skills of the actor, director and designer; and study theatre history. They will learn stagecraft techniques and procedures, and can focus on areas that they find particularly interesting, such as performing, designing, writing for the stage and devising.

Music Technology course: This route of Kingston’s BA music programme enables students to study music technology alongside a complementary subject. In Music Technology students learn advanced skills in recording and sound manipulation and use Kingston’s state-of-the-art facilities. The course will also enable students to develop your general knowledge of music and their skills in composition and performance.

-At Middlesex University, Dance Performance and Music Performance.

Dance as a vital art form is the focus of BA Dance Performance Degree with Honours. It helps students develop performance, creative and critical skills and enhance their awareness of dance in its cultural context. Students can take full advantage of London’s diverse dance activity. The BA Dance Performance Degree with Honours is designed so that students can develop the requisite skills, knowledge and understanding of the many facets of dance performance, which will allow them to pursue a career in the professional dance world. They will engage in a comprehensive study of dance technique, performance, choreography and critical appreciation.

-At Regent’s Business School, London, Acting Foundation Course and Acting and Global Theatre.

More specifically:
The Foundation course is a 2-semester programme for those who wish to gain the core physical, vocal and communication skills of the actor. Audition preparation, masterclasses by theatre professionals and theatre visits give students insight into theatre as both artistic practice and as a multi-faceted creative industry. The course enables students to explore their own potential as creators, and build strong skills in team-working, communication, presentation and interpersonal relations vital to further study at drama school, university, and in future careers.

The Acting and Global Theatre is a three-year degree for those seeking a drama degree with a strong practical focus, which is informed by an understanding of theatre as an intercultural and multi-national phenomenon. The programme offers comprehensive training in the physical, vocal and technical performance skills essential for the actor; workshops, projects and production work draw upon theatre practices and traditions from world stages. Masterclasses, residencies and theatre visits all use the resources of London’s international theatre scene. Students gain the critical and practical skills to prepare them for careers in theatre and allied creative fields. This programme contains a compulsory study abroad period with one of our partner institutions across the world, as well as an optional industry placement.

-At Brunel University, Music.

This programme is designed for students who wish to focus on the academic study of music, while still retaining the freedom to pursue composition, performance, and interests outside of music. It provides a thorough knowledge of the development of Western music in the 20th and 21st centuries, informed by a broad understanding of earlier music history. It introduces the important methods of analysis commonly applied to music of this period, as well as ideas in aesthetics, music sociology, music psychology and critical theory.

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