Study Veterinary Science in the UK

Anglia Foundation has sent students to Britain to do the following veterinary courses:

-At Liverpool University

Veterinary and Bioveterinary Science and their allied subjects are amongst the most popular degree programmes in the UK and arguably amongst the most exciting. With the ever-expanding understanding of animal physiology and disease come greater opportunities to extend the boundaries of research, development and intervention, and the chance not only to improve animal health and welfare, but to share the results of our pioneering work with the University’s colleagues in human medicine.

There is no doubt that the global demand for animal scientists will remain strong and will increase dramatically as affluence, and a concurrent increase in pet ownership, spreads across the globe. With travel and trade, the globe shrinks and new disease threats increasingly become realities. At Liverpool we have created a dynamic, forward-thinking environment to keep our school at the forefront of technology and research. The University’s aim is to produce graduates who are able to respond to the changing demands of the animal world.

-At Bristol University

The Bristol School of Veterinary Science has been training veterinary surgeons for over 60 years and has excellent links with the veterinary profession. Highly rated for its teaching provision, including state-of-the-art pre-clinical and clinical facilities, the school is also recognised for international excellence in research, resulting in a programme recognised for its strength in research-led teaching. A Veterinary Science degree equips you for a career as a veterinary surgeon but it also provides some of the best broad-based training available in the biological sciences.

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