Find work in Ireland and UK

Anglia Foundation can help you find work in Ireland and UK. For this purpose, we can secure working visa and job placement for doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists and more professions in UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Canada. What you can expect from us: If you are interested to find work in Ireland and UK, please […]

Find a job in UK and Ireland

Prepare to study abroad

It is very important for any candidate student to prepare to study abroad. Anglia Foundation guides you and prepares you responsibly so that you can safely join the most prestigious undergraduate and postgraduate courses of UK universities. The preparation period starts the moment you decide to study in England and is completed when your application […]

Basic package “Studies in UK”

The vast majority of candidate students wishing to study in England, Scotland or Wales chooses the basic services package “Studies in England.” It is a complete solution that serves the basic needs of each student and parent. This complete package includes: Guidance on the available study options, depending on the needs, abilities and wishes of […]

Foundation Course in UK

The Foundation Course in UK is also known as Foundation Programme or Foundation Year or Access Course or Bridging Course. The Foundation Course is an introductory programme that can bridge the gap between the qualifications you have and those you need in order to be admitted to an undergraduate degree course in United Kingdom (England, […]

Student room

Finding a suitable and affordable student room is a very important issue especially for international students. Halls of Residence in UK are very well organized. Most UK universities provide a student room for first-year students provided that they will complete the relative application in time. There are British Universities that fail to accommodate all students, but have consulting services […]

Research Proposal

What is important for a research proposal for University? The preparation and the submission of a research proposal or a research project for postgraduate studies (eg Masters) or doctorate (PhD) in British Universities require great attention to detail, proper formulation, thorough knowledge of English and certainly originality. When a student submits a research proposal at a […]

Upgrade Degree

What does the term “upgrade degree” mean? Candidate students who come to us, normally acquire a university degree that is fully recognized throughout the European Union. But there are cases of young people wishing to upgrade the degrees or diplomas they already have. The aim of these students is to ultimately obtain a better degree. […]

Student Projects

We undertake responsibly all student projects in english language. We offer full guidance and support for any University project work within academic courses, dissertations, research papers or even postgraduate work. We can effectively assist in the preparation of student projects for any University in the United Kingdom or any other country. We have the necessary experience to […]


Getting a scholarship in England is an additional way of financing your studies. Scholarships for UK Universities may also be called bursaries or studentships or special aids. Most of these scholarships are for postgraduate students. That is they are awarded to postgraduate students aiming to a Master’s degree (MSc, MPhil) or a Doctorate (PhD). The amounts provided […]

UCAS Application

UK University Application

The procedure for a UK University application becomes more understandable if you know the basic information. Because there are over a hundred British institutions in England, Scotland and Wales which accept students with different criteria, entry requirements are likely to vary. The most important requierement is to have any acceptable English Certificate for studies (e.g. IELTS). […]